Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are we still afraid of each other?

I think about that question sometimes. Why? Well, where should I start....

It's obvious that even years after 9/11, all of us have our fears of terrorism and our own security, but I woder if we have let that fear affect us on an individual level, where we could be afraid to even talk to the clerk behind the counter of a store or not invite the neighbors over for dinner.

But even before that. Think about high school or even college today. Almost half of everyone we see is a member of some kind of group affiliation, whether it being a club/fraternity or whatever and more often then not, they tend to have excluivity of sorts where it can lead to alienation of others. Are the "jocks" afraid to have lunch with the "nerds"? What about the average person that doesn't fit within any group (like me, most of the time)?

Humans tend to be naturally afraid of things that are different sometimes, to a degree. But sometimes, I think we get too afraid for no reason. I mean, why is it that I find myself not even being able to say a simple 'hello' to people? Or Let's say I meet someone and we have a conversation one day and then the next day, I'm literally shut off by the same person? Is being sociable wrong all of a sudden? Humans need to do this sort of thing, you know?

I don't know. I just can't stand when people start treating other people like stalkers for absolutely no reason. I understand respecting indivdual privacy and all, but do we have to all go around suspecting anybody of anything?

Maybe I'm wrong or I'm thinking too much about it.

Oh well.


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